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The Sharanam Centre stresses the importance of recreational and extra-curricular activities in building the confidence and personality of each girl so they can be vibrant strong women. Through the various and numerous activities the girls participate in, they are able to interact with different people in the Mumbai community, receive support in nurturing their skills and are empowered through their achievements.

The Centre strongly believes that a good balance of recreational and artistic activities will help the girls overcome their past. These services also provide the support and guidance for their emotional and mental well-being.

To provide these services to the girls, Sharanam partners with local NGOs who specialize in each area. Some of the activities the girls have been part of:

Physical fitness & Sports
The girls are all able to participate in weekly sporting activities and other outdoor recreational activities through Magic Bus. In the past, the girls also participated in karate through Magic Bus volunteers.

Computer Classes
The girls participate in a weekly class to learn the basics of computers. They are also taught how to use the Internet.

Dance Classes
Twice a week the girls participate in Mumbai’s Dancing Feat project which uses dance to help teach life skills and provide counseling sessions for vulnerable children. The project combines dance workshops with talk therapy and group interactions.

Additionally, the girls participate in a weekly classical Indian dance class, called Bharat Natyam. Through their involvement with this class, they regularly compete in different dance competitions and have won prizes as a group as well as solo dance.

Other Activities
We have had various volunteers who have given our girls a chance to experience a range of activities. Ten of the girls participated in a photography workshop where they learned how to use disposable cameras and learned how to see their environment through the photos, learning about solid waste management, role of women in society, health care, and other areas associated with life in their neighborhood.

Our girls also get the opportunity to take weekend trips, go to movies, picnics and special tours of local businesses.


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